This Is How You’ll Get Your Microwave Sparkling Clean Within 1 Minute…

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Step 3: Keep steaming!

To ensure that your microwave is cleaned thoroughly, wait a little while longer before releasing the catch of the microwave door once the timer has stopped. That way, the steam can really get to those pesky residues leftover from yesterday’s meal and any other residue off the walls and surface of the microwave. The longer you wait, the better the results will be.

This process may cause a foul smell from your microwave, but it will disappear after you let it rest for a while. Furthermore, the vinegar in the mixture will neutralize the foul smell it produces completely.


Lastly, we are about to come to the last step of the cleaning process!

Step 4: Give it one final clean!

Right after the microwave session with the mixture, use a damp kitchen towel or kitchen cloth to wipe away any remaining leftover residue or stains from your microwave. You will notice that the pieces will come off, and your microwave will look new. If there are remaining sticky stains and residue, just repeat the previous steps.

By performing the previous steps properly, every part of your microwave will look good as new again and the color will be as white as when you bought it. Make sure to rinse your microwave spinning platter for an extra cleaning.

Congratulations, you have now a fully cleaned microwave!

Do you want to see this microwave cleaning trick perform in live-action? Check out the video below!

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