15 everyday things you can clean with coke

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Remove stains from your favourite clothes and toilet bowls!

It\’s a good idea to buy some Cola for your home whether you love it as a beverage or not. Even if you don\’t like this liquid gold, the soda can be used to clean stains effectively. Cola\’s highly acidic properties makes it a great cleaner for most surfaces and materials. We have compiled a list of common stains that you can clean with regular Cola.

1. Common oil leaks on the ground

Is your motor from your car leaking? It can leave oil stains on the driveway or the floor of your garage. It won\’t take a lot to clean the stain if you put some cola on it. Allow it to sit for at least a couple of hours, and then use water to rinse the Cola off the ground. The oil stain should have been removed.


2. Pen ink stains

We all have been in that situation when we find our kids drawing on the carpet or when we are writing on paper and when the pen goes off the paper, there are those pesky pen marks that seemingly cannot be removed easily. Thankfully, Cola can be helpful here. The stain can be washed off with soda. If you wash the stain with soap and lukewarm water, it will go away like it was magic.

3. Clean the toilet stains from your toilet

It is possible to pour a bottle of coke into a toilet, even if it seems inappropriate to be consumed in that way. Simply pour the Cola on the affected areas in the toilet with stains and let it sit for an hour before washing it off with water. You can get rid of any remaining though stains by using a toilet brush.

4. Removing rust off your appliances

If you have small rusted objects, you can leave them in a glass or bottle of Cola for a night and  clean them off with cloth the next day looking new. Knowing when to clean your bike is a good idea and Cola can be sprayed on any rusty chains and wiped off easily with a cloth.

5. Removing burnt carbon off your pans

Did you inadvertently leave your meal on the stove for just a bit too long? This can make horrible looking pans with dark carbon that is left building up on the surface. It isn\’t easy to get them clean. You can save a lot of time by pouring a can of Cola in the pan. The pan should be placed over the fire to heat for an hour. It will be even easier to get rid of any burn marks if you wash the pan once again.

6. Dealing with mouldy grout

The tiles in your bathroom and kitchen can be dull in a matter of minutes. You might see a brown mould. We want to get rid of this as quickly as possible, but scrubbing grout isn\’t our favourite hobby. Cola will make it easier to remove those trapped dirt in between your tiles. Allow it to sit and then scrub it with a sponge.

7. Cleaning your rusty bolts and nuts

Are there rusty bolts and nuts on the walls? Cola is a good solution to clean them up. After that, you can use water to rinse them off.

Do you want to know what other things can be cleaned using Cola? The next page contains more information.

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