The Secret Of The Red Cup Under the Toilet Seat

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Why is Everyone Placing a Red Cup Under the Toilet Seat

Have you ever noticed a red cup under the toilet seat and wondered why it was there? For those who don’t know why it can be pretty confusing. However, there are actually a ton of reasons as to why the cup has been placed there, and you can find out by reading this article.

1. There is no more toilet paper 

There’s nothing worse than sitting down on the toilet and discovering there is no more toilet paper. Luckily, leaving an empty red cup beneath the seat will tell the next user that this is the problem because they will need to remove the red cup before using the toilet.


2. Hygenic reasons 

Are you someone who hates touching the toilet seat to raise or lower it? Then the empty red cup might just become your new best friend. It prevents you from having to touch the actual seat. However, there have been studies that suggest this is more unsanitary than raising the toilet seat manually. Germs get splashed on the cup when the toilet is flushed.

3. Displays a warning 

If you live in a country with many creepy crawlies, rats, and snakes, you may see the red cup as a godsend. You can place it there as a warning if any of these unwelcomed guests want to make an appearance in your toilet. The cup will fall over as they enter, and the toilet seat will make a loud bang as it closes. This will alert you if there is anything near your toilet before you use it. 

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