This Is How You’ll Get Your Microwave Sparkling Clean Within 1 Minute…

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Step 1: Mix the cleaning potion

As the first step, we will be creating the cleaning potion and mixture. In order to get it, first, take a heat-resistant bowl and fill it with some water (you can also use a simple bowl to create the mixture before putting it inside the microwave). Then add a tablespoon of vinegar and start stirring.

For the next step, cut the lemon in half and drizzle as much of the lemon juice in the water-vinegar mixture as possible. Ensure that you stir them well, so the mixture can be complete and effective.


Pro-tip: You can also use lemon juice that you can easily get from the grocery stores.

As soon as you’re done with this, we can continue. Let’s read on!

Step 2: Heat it!

After you have created the cleaning mixture, place the cleaning mixture in a microwave-safe bowl or tray and double-check that the material is heat-resistant and safe for the microwave.

Put the mixture in your microwave. Set the timer for 1 minute on the maximum wattage. Once the mixture starts to boil, it will release steam from the mixture that makes it easier for the stains of grease and filth to come off.

To cleanse all these stains accurately, read more on the next page!

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