Buyers are shocked after buying a house from a 96-year-old woman.

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Each room has its own unique feel.


When walking past the property, this 96-year-old woman’s home looks normal. However, the inside has several unique styles, each tailored to the individual room. While some rooms are elegant with an older feel, you may walk into some and think it looks more simple and modern.kelderThe basement is one of the best rooms, with a hidden bar and lounge where you can come and pour a drink, sit down, and relax, after a stressful day. keuken-1 The kitchen is every chef’s dream as it is spacious and spotless. The soft pink tones and floral feel will make anyone feel like a domestic goddess while they cook for the rest of the family, who are waiting in the adjoining dining room. slaapkamer


Of course, there are many bedrooms to choose from, and each of them looks completely new with its own unique design. The old woman put a lot of work into them and had a wish that whoever purchased the house would have a great fondness for it as she did.


The new owners still cannot believe that it looks so fantastic on the inside since the outside is so plain looking. But as they say, you should never judge a book by its cover.

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